Armoured Combat

banner sicilians revengeSeptember 9-11, 2016
Camp Mad Anthony Wayne, 2125 Spring Valley Drive, Huntington, WV 25704

Armored Combat

Come one, Come all! Welcome to Sicilians Revenge! Where the points don’t matter and the plans change!
We have for you a set of wacky and fun fighting scenarios designed to get away from the normal carbon copy tournaments and fights you encounter at other events.
Have you dreamed of storming enemy boats? Is it your desire to embark on the high seas, attacking all who are before you while knocking the poor defenders into the frigid depths below and looting to your hearts content?
Well we have got several battles for you!
Have you been wanting to channel your inner Monty Python in a fight? I hope you like horses.
Oh and practice your galloping.
Do you grow tired of normal bear pits and other tournaments that just seem to go on forever?
You stand there for what seems like hours in the heat only to finally get your turn and die because you blinked while fighting Duke Ser Greased Lightning?
Thats a thing of the past.
What we have planned should take care of all your wacky fighting needs for awhile.
So pack your gear up, toss it, a friend and their gear into the trunk of your (t)rusty vehicle and come on down!
Weapons will be limited to a single handed weapon and fighters will have a gauntlet on their off hand.
All combatants will start a fair distance away from each other.
A  number of wooden stick horses (Total number dependant on the number of combatants) will be given out at random and these fighters are the only ones allowed to gallop whereas all the foot soldiers must slowly walk
If a foot soldier kills a mounted combatant, they must then take the horse.
The stick horse must be kept between the rider’s legs while galloping around.
Actively blocking or attacking with the horse is prohibited.
Fights are to the last man and will be run as many times as people want to play.
Fast & Furious
This will be a modified bearpit tournament.
Taking place in a roughly 10ft circular list
Combatants may fight with any tournament legal weapons form.
Wounds are retained as long as you’re alive and in the list, Shoving your opponent out of the list is legal.
Only deaths are recorded, Kills are not tallied
Upon “Lay-on”, Combatants will be allowed to fight for a count of 15 and then a hold will be called.
(Example: “Combatants on your guard! LAYON! One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, HOLD!”)
We may or may not have a stopwatch if I can find mine, If not then whatever marshal present will be counting.
If no combatant is killed in that time then they both go to the back of the line and two new combatants enter the list.
Combatants are responsible for their own “Score”
If a combatant is killed he/she will walk to a nearby whiteboard and put a mark next to their name.
Upon a combatant’s 10th death they are removed from the line.
When the last two combatants remain they will fight just as before.
If they do not kill each other in a TEN count then a hold will be called, fighters will reset to a neutral starting distance and a new count begun.
This will continue until a combatant is killed, yields or is too exhausted to safely continue.
Flotilla battles (No CA or thrown weapons)
No other weapon restrictions.
There will be a series of boats arranged as if a boarding action just took place with several patches of ‘dry land’ also being available.
A number of scenarios can be run with this including team based res battles, capture the loot or free for alls.
You may step or jump to another ship, if it can be done safely.
You may also use provided boarding planks to construct a temporary bridge to another boat or to the island.
Boarding planks can be moved by gauntleted hands, If you die while holding a plank you must drop at the side of the boat you’re currently on.
You may not strike or attempt to block with the planks, If engaged you must hold the plank in such a way as to not risk another combatant or just drop it while you fight
You may NOT hoard all the planks in such a way to cut off a ship entirely, They must be in play going from ship-to-ship or ship-to-island.
When a combatant is killed he/she must walk off the boat and around to their appropriate resurrection point, They may not walk through the other boats or fighting.
If at any point you step into the ‘water’ then you are considered to drown and must go resurrect.
You may strike over the side of your ship if you can reach a combatant on another ship, Plank or island.
Boats may be moved at the discretion of the marshalls if a safety issue arises or if agreed upon by all the combatants to create a more fun field.
Other scenarios may or may not be available depending on the total number of combatants available and if after discussing them they are deemed safe to play.