banner sicilians revengeSeptember 9-11, 2016
Camp Mad Anthony Wayne, 2125 Spring Valley Drive, Huntington, WV 25704

The Sicilian Fencing Palio

The Fencers of the Shire of Port Oasis are most excited to host the fencing portion of the Palio di Sicily. The rival Contrade of Port Oasis’ Fencers are each out to prove their superiority in a Topsy Turvy ladder match, instead of declaring outright warfare. The points or lack thereof shall help determine the winning Contrada and determine to whom the Palio prize will be awarded even if the plans do change. Come horse around with your fellow fencers, join in the tournament and delightful festivities that shall ensue. But beware! The Sicilian is still out for revenge, so keep a close eye on your horses!

The fencing tournament will be a randomly ordered pick your opponent and take their horse match. Take that horse and hold on, to climb to the lead of this Fun and Wacky there and back again race. We have set a scenario that is designed to give even the most novice fencer a chance. You will also be getting away from the normal eradication and fat fowl situations so common in history past. If this is your desire, well we have got the horse race tournament for you! I hope you like horses, although galloping is optional. Did your last tournament not last long enough? Don’t just stand around for what seems to be uncountable minutes, that’s a thing of the past. Get to know other fencer’s from around Æthelmearc and beyond, as you “pick your opponent” apart; take down the rival Contrade and take the lead, but do not forget to watch your hind quarters! Handicapping the leaders while you slowly overtake the pack is what we have planned and that should take care of most of your fencing needs for the near future. So clean your gear up, check your tips and fence! Giddy-up.

Check here for information on this Fencing Ladder Ranking Systemhttps://www.facebook.com/notes/darryl-smith/fencing-ladder-ranking-system/1190923084287943?comment_id=1192275540819364&notif_t=note_reply&notif_id=1473105980397102

Melee scenarios may or may not be played out after the initial tournament, depending on the number of interested fencers not participating in other Palio activities.