The Tournament of the White Hart XXI – Artisan

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The Shire of Port Oasis would like to announce the A&S Competition for The Tournament of the White Hart XXI!

This year White Hart is offering two categories: Completed Entries and Work-in-Progress Entries. We would like to see the fruits of your labor in whatever art or science you have dedicated yourself to, as well as the projects you are currently undertaking. The entries are open to all forms, and prizes will be awarded in both categories.

Entries must be displayed by 10 am, and can be picked up at 3 pm.
All entries must have basic documentation (What is it? When is it from? Who used it, and What for? What inspired you to do this?), which can be written on a note card provided at the event. More detailed documentation is welcome, but not necessary.
Entries that have received awards prior to this competition are discouraged.
Questions can be emailed to THL Astridr Vigaskegg at