White Hart XX – Artisan of the White Hart


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It’s not about Competition. It’s about Sharing ideas.

We are an unusual social group. We have to create our world, before we can interact in it.
Hence, the Arts & Sciences segment of the SCA.

Every one of us makes Things.
Our clothing, our weapons, our armor, our tools, our toys, our art, our food – Something.
Show us your stuff. Don’t worry that it’s not worthy. Don’t worry that you don’t have scholarly documentation. Don’t worry that your attempt is flawed. Failures can be most instructive. Don’t worry that you’re wearing or using it. Inquiring minds want to know.

* Judging will be by popular vote. Tokens will be provided at the gate.
* The Arts & Sciences Champion will also be named at the official judges discretion.
* Official judges will award an extra 5 points to any entry that reflects the event theme “Romance of the Rose” (On the bestsellers list for over 500 years, and the virtual playbook for the medieval nobility and aspirants. A must read how-to of courtly love and conduct.)
* A&S display will be open from 11am till 4 pm. Judges will confer at 3pm.
* Forms will be provided for documentation “lite”. Be prepared to answer Who, What, Where, When, Why and How about your entry, although, more in-depth documentation is preferred. And a note as to how this interacts with our theme will be most welcome.
Note: if you are wearing, or using your craft, please take a photo of it and your honorable self and include it with the entry form. We’ll find you and inquire.

Behold! That lone candle that is the A&S symbol: turn it into a blaze of products and technology!

For more information contact Sigrid Schreiber at Schmutz1_2@yahoo.com.