Tournament of the White Hart XXIII

March 6, 2020 – March 8, 2020

In the days leading up to the legendary hunt for the White Hart, the populace of Port Oasis prepares a feast and celebration in their local pub. This celebration, meant to prepare them for the long days ahead, tracking the ever-elusive elegant White Hart, will take place over several days. It will begin on Friday, March 6th by welcoming travelers, from far and wide, with some warm and filling food and drink, and a good night’s rest. Early morning on Saturday, March 7th, the day’s festivities will begin with a hearty breakfast and lunch followed by, tournaments and activities for all. A splendiferous feast of traditional pub fare will be had in the evening, followed by more celebrations including dancing. On the morning of Sunday, March 8th, we will send forth our hunters until next year.

Master Jacob Martinson and Baroness Wilhelmina Boddenham would like to invite the Known World to join them in a celebration of love and chivalry at the Tournament of the White Hart XXIII in the Shire of Port Oasis. The Lord and Lady of the White Hart will again host a tournament of swords and of pageantry and would challenge all comers to display their honor, their love, and their arms for all the Known World to see. Competitions will be held for the Champion in heavy fighting, the Defender in fencing, the Yeoman in archery, thrown weapons, bardic, and A&S.

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