White Hart – Defender


Fencing Tourneys

Friday night warm-up for Saturday’s Defender of the White Hart Tournament in a come as you are tournament with rolling entries.  There will be fun and games and shenanigans enough for all. Other activities may include a quick draw tourney where the luck of the draw will decide the fate of the entrants.

Defender of the White Hart

Hear ye all fencers of the Known World, come to the Shire of Port Oasis and test your skills and seek to earn the most honorable title of Defender of the White Hart as your own. Be sure to polish up all of your skills, as the tourney format will be a bear pit with a special forms rotation. When a fencer exits the pit, they will roll a die that will determine their next form, leaving to chance the form you shall draw. So let this not be a spectator sport for you and come join in the fun.