White Hart XIII – Yeoman


Yeoman of the White Hart

We hope to quench your thirst for archery at this year’s Yeoman tournament. But don’t get yourself too intoxicated with your love of the sport, or you may just lose your foothold on the competition. Take a chance, roll the dice, and see if you have what it takes to become the newest Yeoman of the White Hart.

Archers’ Games of Chance Novelty Shoot

Step right up! Step right up! Calling all archers of the Known World! Come to Port Oasis for White Hart, and try your luck at the Archer’s games of chance. Upon entering the archery range each archer will be gifted a swag bag filled with coin, to be used as booty to make wagers with other archers at any of the games of chance. The winner of each individual wager will earn the coin that was wagered between those individual archers. At the day’s end, the archer left holding the most booty will win the coveted prize for the day’s novelty shoots.