White Hart XX – Defender of the White Hart


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Friday night warmup fencing festivities will be a “Pointless Points Tourney” in the spirit of the Dragon’s Rose Challenge. It will be a single elimination round robin with as many winners as possible during the evening. Weapons selection will be as described by Ru Cavorst, D12, with a possible addition of lanterns and quick draw dagger. It will start when a critical mass of fencers arrive on site Friday evening and will end when we all get tired. Marshals will be Lord Dirk Bodkin the Sharp and Andrew the Goode.

For the Defender of the White Hart

Tournament will be a round robin. Depending on how many fencers are there and how many lists there will be, will be the determining factor if it is going to be a double or single elimination. As for the rules. Fencers will roll a D12 and that number will correlate weapons style for each hand. If fencer is not authorized in style rolled, then will re roll or if only single authorized will stick to that.1= Single Dagger, 2=Two Daggers, 3=Cloak and Dagger, 4 =Dagger and cane, 5= Dagger and Buckler, 6=Rapier and Dagger, 7=Single Rapier, 8=Two Rapiers, 9=Rapier and Cloak, 10=Rapier and Cane, 11=Rapier and Buckler and 12=Two Handed.