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The heavy combat tournament for this years Tournament of the White Hart will be “Pick a card” This is the rough rules and format as well as things from my side as the M.I.C. More details will be coming as soon as the Autocrat, Lord, And Lady make their posts.
This is open to any combatant who wishes to fight for the person that has inspired them the most.
Fighters will draw from a stack of cards which will determine their weapon forms for that bout.
Cards may include things such as but not limited to: Weapon and Shield (Any “Weapon” available + a shield) Double weapons (Maybe any “Weapon” available but not matched pairs) Spear (Thrust only weapons, Max lengths may be restricted if indoors) Two-handed Weapon (If you can legally get two hands on the weapon, It counts, Max Length on polearms may be restricted if indoors)) And “Mah Do It” (Madu)
The ladies of the gallery will be responsible for choosing your exact weapon based on the card: If a combatant gets “Weapon and Shield” then the gallery may choose any of the available weapons for you to as the weapon portion of the card. This is the same with any card that has “Weapon” or “Weapon and X”: The “Weapon” is chosen by the ladies of the gallery.
An experienced fighter should have no problems overcoming any challenges set forth to them however It is in the combatants and their inspirations best interest to win the ladies of the gallery over to get more favorable weapon combinations when applicable
For newer combatants, If you need additional authorizations we will have plenty of marshals available to assist the day of and If for some reason you are unable to get a particular authorization OR if this happens to be your very first tournament then we will allow the combatant to use whatever weapon they are the safest with allowed by their currently held authorizations.
If you do need an authorization then please get in contact with Myself, Lord James Freeman (AKA James Schmutz) so I can get a rough idea how much extra time is needed before the fighting will start.
In addition, we encourage fighters to bring all the weapons they are authorized in, We will have a small selection of weapons available for use if needed for the more unusual drawings.
I do ask that you self-inspect all of your weapons BEFORE you pack them in the car. The primary reasons I have to fail weapons is due to thrusting tips followed by attached weapon heads being loose. I also ask that if you have a weapon with old crumbly tape that you put a new layer on at the very least.
Fix things now before I have to fail them 5 minutes before the fighting starts because you were
late getting there 😉
I am also required to inspect the inside of your helmet in addition to the rest of your armor, This
can be before or after your regular inspection.
The other marshals and I will be looking at things such as the construction, padding, chin straps
and more.
We are simply ensuring that your helmet meets or exceeds the minimum requirements set forth
by the society minimum rules.
We will NOT be removing any sewn, glued or otherwise permanently affixed padding and will
not move any loose padding without the owner standing there watching so that the fit is not
Check your kit.
One final thing from my side of things, We may have several Marshals In Training on Saturday.
While they will have an experienced marshal with them for things they are still learning, IF
something happens that you feel is wrong: Do NOT lose your temper.
Please see myself or another senior marshal.
Be nice and courteous, not only to your marshals but also your opponents.
We are all friends.
Please feel free to share this.