Tournament of the White Hart XXI – Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons at White Hart

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The Thrown Weapons Competition format is as follows:
I will have 3 separate Log round targets with stands, and one spear target (this target will have a twist! TBA). Two of the log round targets will be for scoring axe and knife throws, and one simply for practice or free throw.
The scoring log round targets will be divided into 3 concentric circles, scored 3 points for the inner circle, 2 points for the middle circle, and 1 point for the outer circle (royal round style but with lower scores). The spear target will have a small “bullseye” graded at 5 points and anywhere outside of that “bullseye” is 1 point. All throwing implements must stick and stay stuck until scoring is completed.
A weapon cutting the line is scored as the higher point value.
A round consists of 3 throws at 2 distances for both Knife and Axe (12 throws total). Spear will be a bonus round and consists of 1 throw at 2 distances (2 throws total). For knife and axe, the distances are 10, and 20 feet. For spears, the distances are 15 and 25 feet (As previously mentioned the spear target will have a twist. TBA).
Anyone stepping on or over the foul line during or immediately after throwing will have that throw disqualified, and be given a zero point score for that throw only.
Practice rounds between distances are allowed, but the thrower must declare when they are throwing for a score for it to be counted for score.
All SCA and Aethelmearc rules apply.
This competition will be throughout the day (swing by practice and throw your knife and axe rounds)beginning as soon as the range opens and ending when it closes (no official timeslot as of now). Spear bonus round needs an official time as it will require a closed range (IE spear is all that can be thrown during that time.)