Tournament of the White Hart XXI

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The hounds and huntsmen gather—the horns are sounding. A merry hunting party prepares to enter the forest, when the word spreads that the rare stag, beloved of the people of Port Oasis, has been spotted, alas too late! The hounds have broken free, the hunters are in pursuit, not knowing it is the fabled and protected White Hart that they are tracking.

Join us for the Tournament of the White Hart, in its twenty-first year as a celebration of chivalry, courtesy, love and friendship; our Champion and Lady of the White Hart invite you to enjoy feats of archery and a woods-walk range, skilled fencers, exquisite arts and food, and of course, our renowned tournament. Create your own hunting clothing or other arts entry, inspired by Le Livre de Chasse de Gaston Phébus, to join in with our courtly hunting theme.

The event takes place March 2-4, 2018 in the Shire of Port Oasis at the Cabell County 4-H camp, 6040 Booten Creek Road, Barboursville, WV 25504. The site opens at 5 p.m. on Friday and closes at 11 a.m. Sunday. The autocrat is Master Robert the Grey (Robert Borror, 3723 Crane Ave. Huntington, WV 25705., 304-633-6880) and co-autocrat is Mistress Chrestienne de Waterdene (Robin Mazza,, 724-288-6272).

Adult Event Registration: $17 at the door, $15 pre-registered.
Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $12 at the door, $10 pre-registered.
Children ages 6-12 will be $10 on-board, $5 off-board.
Feast is limited to 70 spaces and is $10 in addition to event registration cost.

Please list the name of each adult member/non-member and child you are registering and send checks to Reservations Clerk Lady Kismira Rothiem (Tabby Locascio, 1170 County Rd 70 Proctorville, Oh 45669, Please make checks payable to ‘SCA WV, Inc – Shire of Port Oasis’.

More information with tournament and competition details will be made available soon; other questions can be directed to the autocrat, Master Robert the Grey (Robert Borror,, 304-633-6880) and co-autocrat, Mistress Chrestienne de Waterdene (Robin Mazza,, 724-288-6272).