White Hart XIII – Artisan


White Hart A&S Competition

As in years past, this year’s A&S competition will not be held to a specific theme. This year we plan to celebrate all that is A&S be it a new pursuit or a long-time labor of love. We know that you’ve been working away all winter on your personal favorite projects, and we want to see it All! Ready or not, finished or not. Success or failure. Consider this, there’s a lot to learn from a failure, and remember that teaching and instruction are the true heart of the Arts and Sciences in our society. Allowances will be made for light documentation.

Three possible prizes are available to those who enter a display:

  • A judges’ award, from a panel of judges assembled on site.
  • A Crown award, to be decided by Their Royal Majesties, and whomever they may choose as advisors.
  • A populous award, voted on by the populous.

However, there is a slight, uh, twist. We’re just simple country folk, out here in the southern lands. Judges can be bribed – with largess and practical trinkets we can give as prizes. Likewise, I imagine, the Crown would be inclined to look more favorably on an entrant who thoughtfully provided them with items of largess that they might use as gifts throughout their reign. The populous? You’re on your own. They can’t be bought. You’ll just have to impress them.

So stop procrastinating! Go make good stuff. We’ll see you there.

THL Sigrid Schreiber

Please direct questions to Sharon Schmutz via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sharon.schmutz