The XIX Tournament of the White Hart

March 6-8, 2015

White Hart Home



Greetings from the White Hart Autocrat and the Shire of Port Oasis,

We deeply regret having to cancel this years Tournament of the White Hart and the disappointment it has caused.  Originally, in our hurried planning of what to do, we thought to just hold the tournament at our next event.  Several other options have been considered since that time and we feel we have reached a plan that will work best for everyone.

 After much consideration, it has been decided to not have a 2015 Tournament of the White Hart at our June event as had been previously published.  Instead, the current Lord and Lady will continue in their role along with the rest of the White Hart Champions until the next Tournament to be held on March 4 – 6, 2016.  At that time the current Champions can hold there respective tournaments and choose their successors.

We feel that this option will give the Lord and Lady, and other Champions an event with the focus that they deserve.

Updated event announcements will be forthcoming.


Thank you

Master Robert the Grey
WH autocrat