Artisan of the White Hart

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The Newest Artisan of the White is Sigrid Schrieber.


White Hart A&S Competition

One aspect of the pursuit of the White Hart is based on a chivalric concept of chasing an ideal, a pinnacle of achievement. We in the SCA strive to achieve perfection in our arts and sciences but sometimes forget that the chivalric ideal was one of a well- rounded individual! To that end, this year’s A&S competition will be a Major/minor tournament.

Those who wish to compete to be the A&S Champion of the White Hart may enter an item in their area of specialty/expertise but also must enter something in another art/science attempted for the first time. So, not two pieces of needlework, but perhaps one lovely needlework and food for the table? Armor and candlemaking? Exercise your sense of adventure, your willingness to take a leap of faith and step into the unknown! The possibilities are boundless!

There is no specific theme for this year’s event, so your creativity may run as free as the White Hart itself. Documentation may be minimal, just tells us “what” it is, “when” it is and materials used. Points for authentic materials and construction of course, creativity, boldness of the attempt and general “wow” factor will be considered. Spectacular failures may also be entered, as we all know that things rarely go exactly to plan when attempting something for the first time!

Mistress Anne Greye (Ann Stratton) (615) 306-5568