Brewing Competition

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Brewing Competition

In the evening of Sat  we will have an open brewing competition. Here we will offer 2 open competitions that will be completely populace based, one for those within and outside region 1. Offer your brew and we shall pick our favorite!!

Region 1 Beverage Competition Judging

This is to aid others in how entries will be judged or how they should judge entries for all beverage competitions within Region 1 of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc. No entry will be prohibited as long as it fits within the defined limits of the competition. All entries are looked upon with no bias to level of the creator, as the judging standard is based with consideration to said level. “Brewing” within Region 1 is to be defined as all products created using the process of fermentation of sugar into alcohol. This will include beers, wines, and meads. All other beverages, including “non-alcoholic” drinks and “altered beverages” (i.e. cordials and infusions), will continue to be judged within Region 1, but in separate categories from those defined as “brewing”. The standard by which beverages should be judged can be found at:

If there are any questions regarding beverage competitions within Region 1, please contact Lady Cairdha Eilis O’Coileain, Æthlemearc Brewer’s Guild, Region 1 Representative at or Laura Tellus on Facebook.

It is the hope of Region 1 of and the Brewer’s Guild of Æthelmearc to unify our definitions and promote the education and use of medieval (or ancient) techniques in beverage making in our Kingdom and Society. In time, we may see the separation of “brewing”, “altered”, and “non-alcoholic” beverages into more appropriate categories, such as food/cooking-based and apothicarial/medicinal-based items. Until that time, Region 1 will continue to include all beverages in its allowable competitions.