Reservations and Accommodations

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Paid pre-registrations for the event are due by February 19, 2016 and are as follows:

Adult Off-board $9.00
Adult On-board $19
Children 6-12 Off-board $4
Children 6-12 On-board $14
Children 5 & under free

Registration should be mailed to the Reservations Clerk: Kismira Rothiem, (Tabby Locascio, 1170 County Rd 70  Proctorville Oh 45669).

Event Fees after February 19, 2016 and at the door will be:

Adult Off-board $10
Adult On-board $20
Children 5-12 Off-board $5
Children 5-12 On-board $15
Children un­der 5 are free

Make Checks Payable to SCA-WV, Shire of Port Oasis. A Non Member Fee of $5.00 will be collected at the door. You may contact Kismira at or 304-412-8198 for more information about reservations.

There are 4 cabins available on site and are located near the main hall. In order to provide accommodations to as many attendees as possible the bunks in each cabin will be rented on an individual basis. Each cabin can accommodate up to 16 guests. The cost of bunks is $5 per person per night. Bunks will be reserved on a first come basis.  If a group wants to be together then all bunks should be reserved at the same time.  Certain of the upper bunks have a weight restriction of 175#.  This should be considered and noted in your reservation.  Non reserved bunks will be filled at the discretion of the autocrats. There are limited Lords and Ladies singles bunks in the dorms within the main hall ($5/night per bunk) and there is unlimited primitive camping avail­able at no additional charge. Shower facilities are available in the lower level of the main hall. For more information or questions about the site or event, you may contact the autocrats